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Mithila painting is the oldest form of painting recorded on Earth. Legend has it that Janak, the King of Mithila, had a daughter Sita out of Mother earth. When Sita got married to Lord Rama, Raja Janak got whole of his kingdom decorated with description of nature, earth, faith, joy & luck in natural colours made from flowers, turmeric, goat milk etc. These depictions later took the form of paintings. Continuing the ancient tradition, the women of Mithila still paint walls in different themes associated with nature, especially during weddings. That the women of Mithila can create this unique folk art on hand made papers, walls, clothes and different decor items, is due to their inborn talent.

The imithila team is a unique blend of woman folk artists spread in over twenty villages of Mithilanchal, dedicated team and industry focused new generation visionary entrepreneurs. Most of the imithila apparels are also hand woven by weavers of Mithilanchal belt. In modern times these are popularly known as Madhubani Painting and Tussar Silk.

iMithila focuses on bringing smile to the faces of all internal and external stake holders touching lives from big metro towns to small villages. We aim to reach every office and household with our auspicious paintings continuing to grow in different forms spreading joy and delighting customers in every nook and corner of the world. Today, we sell our products at over 20 countries. In a short span of time, imithila has been largely recognised as the fastest growing brand in Madhubani Painting category with an expanding international footprint.

In line with our traditional core belief in earth, nature, faith, joy & good luck; we spend a large sum of our revenue in CSR activities and spreading happiness.
iMithila is among the 32 SuperBrandsSuperStartups this year and has recently been conferred with the award.

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