Mithila Madhubani Handmade Painting Wooden Glass Frame


Type : Madhubani Painting

Size : 21 X 16 cms

Material : Handmade Paper

Package Content: Framed Painting

Brand/ Artist: iMithila

Out of stock

Mithila Painting of Auspicious Fishes Celebrating Aqua Life. These are original Madhubani paintings and handpainted on handmade paper with bamboo pens and nibs. Mithila Painting, popular known as Madhubani Painting in modern times, is World’s Oldest Art Form. Even today it is done free hand style without any scale or stencil. The imperfect handcraft adds to the product charm. Decorate your home or office with Incredible India’s most appealing art form. Stand out from the crowd with iMithila- the leading Ethnic Folk Art Brand.
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